Liberty Valley Doors- Custom Wooden Doors Manufacturer, North San Francisco
Liberty Valley Doors
Committment to the Environment
Mission Statement: “Liberty Valley Doors is committed to accelerating the transition to sustainable building, energy and economic practices. We believe sustainability is the ethical choice”


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Organizations Liberty Valley Doors is proud to be a part of:
  • U.S. Green Building Counsel; Redwood Empire Chapter
  • Build it Green
  • Green America Business Network
Green shows we have exhibited at:
  • Green Materials Showcase
  • West Coast Green 2006 & 2007
  • Green California Summit
  • Green Festival (SF)
  • Live Green, Live well
  • Sonoma Mountain Village
Partners of Liberty Valley Doors where displays can be found:
  • The Green Home Center (San Francisco)
  • Healthy Homes (Fair Oaks)
  • Green Space (Santa Cruz)
  • Truitt & White (Berkeley)
Changes Liberty Valley Doors has implemented:
  • Started a recycling program for employees to bring in unused computer monitors, batteries, TV’s, etc.
  • Reduced waste from 15 yard dumpster to 64 gallon waste container; equates to over an 80% reduction in landfill waste
  • Challenged our suppliers to provide products to us in only recyclable packaging
  • Educated employees, friends, and the general public
  • Evaluated all materials used and switched to recyclable materials where possible
  • Sawdust is donated to local farmers
  • Scrap wood is donated to the public and local schools
  • Soy ink for printing company checks
  • Held monthly ‘Green Team’ meetings
  • Analyzed our adhesives for VOC and formaldehyde content
  • Hired a sustainability manager
  • Purchased Hybrid Ford Escape Company Vehicle
  • Became FSC® Certified on 3/7/08
  • Powered on 117 kw Solar Power System on 11/25/08, which will provide 100% energy offset

We are a sustainable custom door and window manufacturer located in Cotati, CA
Serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area